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Graeme lives in Elgin in North East Scotland.  Spending his time travelling around the world playing for any event as a soloist or in a band.  With almost 30 years experience behing the accordion, you're in good hands!

Graeme won the World Title for Senior Hybrid Accordion in 2021 after finishing on top at the International Diatonic Championship festival ran by CMA.

Following this success he is also now the UK delegate for Diatonic accordions for UK & Ireland. 

International Musician & former Scottish National Accordion Champion

The best in Scottish, Irish & interntional music from one of Scotland’s best accordionists.

Professional Soloist & Member of “Tweed”, one of Scotland’s leading Ceilidh bands!

Recently Featured on "Take The Floor" on Radio scotland.

Stage 2 Manager for the Macmoray Easter Festival in Elgin 29th & 30th April 2023.

Graeme's projects
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island fling plane.jpg
The Ceilidh cabin
For Online Shows & More
The Island Fling
Combining a Music festival and a holiday in the sun
tweed logo.jpg
Probably the best ceilidh band in the world

Graeme Mackay

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